In mid-June, Station Casinos sent us a mailer asking for our input on their proposed casino-hotel on Mt. Rose Highway. They asked us what kinds of restaurants we would like and whether there should be bowling and ice skating facilities at their new property. But other big decisions about the project have already been made by the company without us. The company has already submitted plans to the City of Reno for a 225-foot high complex that will eventually have 900 hotel rooms and a casino floor larger than in any property Downtown. Does this sound neighborhood-friendly? Did they really hear our concerns? Do they really want our opinions?

The process is broken, and we will not play their games. We will not waste our time on more CAB, NAB, and Planning Commission meetings when the politicians have already made up their minds.

Our time will be much better spent working with the Reno Taxpayers Revolt! They filed an initiative that would discourage new casinos outside of the Downtown, Convention Center, and Airport areas until the city’s redevelopment and trench debt ($236 million!) is paid down. And under the initiative, casino projects outside of these three areas (like Station’s Mt. Rose Highway project) cannot proceed unless the developer pays a voter-approved contribution to offset the downtown debt. This new process would put the power back in the hands of the people!

The Reno Taxpayers Revolt group submitted over 15,000 signatures for the initiative petition to the Reno City Clerk on Friday, June 30. To qualify for the November ballot, there need to be 11,661 valid signatures.

Visit www.RenoTaxpayersRevolt.org for more information on how you can help!